Skincare: Five tips for healthy glowing skin


HI everyone!

Recently I have been suffering from random spot outbreaks - this is unusual for me as fortunately I have been blessed with the clear skin gene, all thanks to my beautiful mum!

Naturally, whenever this happens to my skin, I am forever searching for a solution whether it be online or through general advice from friends or family.

After questioning the experts and experimenting with these solutions on my own skin, I can finally say that I have come up with five top tips this week for all of you who suffer from those pesky outbreaks - these solutions worked for me so I hope you all can say the same!

1) Clean your makeup brushes on a daily basis

I cannot stress this enough! Research shows that every time you touch your makeup, you transfer all the dirt and tiny little organisms from your face to the product and back again to your face. Meanwhile, your makeup and brush accumulate dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and bacteria - this in turn clogs your pores which results in, yes, you guessed it, spots!

According to owner of TMC Makeup, there is a simple solution to cleaning your makeup tools.
”Everyone always asks me how I clean my beauty blenders.
“I just use fairy liquid and it brings them up like new!

“For my brushes I use soap to keep the hairs soft.”

2) Want healthy skin? Eat healthy food!

I always try to eat healthy when I can and avoid greasy, processed foods which I personally believe takes its toll on my skin.

According to Female Body Tone Coach and owner of Sho Vij Fitness, ensuring a healthy balanced diet is vital if we wish to maintain healthy skin.

Sho says: “It may be possible to improve acne, psoriasis and eczema through eating a healthier balanced diet, you’ll want to cut back on processed foods and foods high in sugar.

“Eat more foods such as fruit, vegetables, fish (tuna, salmon, etc), nuts (Brazil, cashew, walnuts, almonds, etc), add olive oil when cooking, or add avocados and chia seeds into your porridge.” Sho went on to describe the importance of including fruit and vegetables when looking after our skin.

He continued: “Fruit and vegetables contain powerful antioxidants that may help protect your skin from damage and may help promote normal skin development and skin tone.

“Also, do not crash diet - this leads to you missing out on vital nutrients your body ‘needs’ to function optimally.”

According to Sho, another important element of maintaining healthy skin is ensuring you have enough intake of Vitamin C.

He continued: “This is almost an essential to making sure your immune system is up to scratch.”

“Vitamin C may strengthen the capillaries that supply our skin.”

Lastly, Sho reccommends that we should try to get in our healthy fats.

He said: “Healthy fats (monounsturated and polyunsaturated) may promote elasticity and suppleness of your skin by acting as a natural moisturiser.”

3) Give up smoking

I can truthfully say that I have never smoked a cigarette in my life and I believe this has definitely played a part in my clear skin.

Research shows that smoking makes your skin look older and contributes to wrinkles. As well as increasing your risk of cancer, it’s also understood that smoking narrows the tiny blood vessels in the outermost layers of skin, which decreases blood flow and makes skin paler - this depletes the skin of oxygen and nutrients that are important to skin health.

So if you smoke, the best way to protect your skin is to quit!

4) Cleanse, tone and moisturise!

Personally, I believe this is really important whether you are blessed with clear skin or constantly battle acne, as a proper skincare routine is necessary to ensure the health of your face.

There are so many great products out there to choose from!

My advice would be to make sure your skin is completely clean and dry before beginning any skincare routine - personally, I like to cleanse, tone and moisturise at night time before I go to sleep as it makes my skin feel lovely and fresh at the end of a long day!

However, if you have time, it is reccommended by beauty experts to be carried out first thing in the morning as well as last thing at night to get rid of the sweat, pollution and dirt that gets onto our faces as we go about our daily lives.

5) Drink up!

It’s super important to keep yourself well hydrated everyday.
However, don’t fill yourself up with sugary energy drinks, make sure you are drinking enough water.
Personally I try to drink at least two litres of water each day as it makes me feel great!
Sho says: “Dehydration can lead to your skin looking dry and tired. “Aim for two to three litres a day of fluids, most of which should come from water or even sugar free dilute which is mostly water anyway. Hydrate your skin!”

I hope you enjoyed the tips and tricks I discovered this week!
When it comes to looking after my skin, I always make it a priority and you should too - so stick to this advice and you will have healthy glowing skin in no time!

Until next week

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