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Elizabeth Moore


Elizabeth Moore


Hi everyone, Liz here!

Finding the motivation to start exercising and eat healthy is always difficult but knowing where to start is the hardest part.

I must admit that I have always been one who struggles with this but at the same time, I still feel the guilt if I don’t exercise or if I have been on a total junk food binge over the weekend.

This week, I spoke to owner of FJR Fitness and nutrition, based in Aghanloo, Faye Robinson, to find out how we should get into the right mindset in order to kick start our fitness journey to success!

Why are we looking for change?

According to fitness expert Faye, she recommends firstly working out our reasons for change.

Faye explains: “Work out what the real reasons are for this change.

“Is it for a specific occasion to wear a special outfit?

“Is it because you feel down about your body image or is it because simple tasks leave you breathless?

“Work out what it is and write it down.”

Set a goal

In order to achieve success, Faye believes that whatever reason we have for craving a change, we should set this as our goal or target and make it our motivation to work towards it.

Faye continued: “Make that your goal and decide what it is you want to wear, decide that this is day one and you’ll make things change and make the choice to change.”

Develop a plan

According to Faye, we should create a plan for ourselves when beginning our fitness journey in order to stay on track.

She continued: “ Set out a plan and do a good food shop.

“Keep foods in your home that are healthy and wholesome.”

As well as planning a healthy food shop, Faye also reccomends the concept of meal prepping in order to prevent bad food choices.

She went on to say: “ Having meals prepared cuts down the risk of bad food choices when your ravenous with hunger or short of time.

“It also saves money bulk cooking in your plan so make sure to set time aside to cook, exercise, and do everyday life commitments like work, family and so on.”

Apply the plan

Fitness Instructor Faye recommends setting targets for ourselves each week as a way of staying motivated and to prevent ourselves from losing interest whilst on our fitness journey.

“Apply the plan you created and set mini targets each week,” said Faye.

She continued: “For example, telling yourself how long you wish to be active for - a minimum of three 20 minute sessions per week.

“Remember that argets have to be realistic and manageable- if you make them unrealistic you’ll never continue with them.”

Faye also recommends that we should try to stay creative and keep our journey interesting.

“Try something new, like a new exercise class,” said Faye.

She continued: “Try new foods or try to make everyday small positive changes like walking that little bit further every day or taking the stairs or going for a walk in the longer evenings.”

According to Faye, patience is key to staying motivated.

She added: “It takes approximately 21 days to create and break a habit, so trust the process and commit those 21 days to your plan.

“Weight gain doesn’t happen overnight, so you won’t miraculously lose two stone overnight, give it time and trust the process.”

Finally, if you wish to find out further information, Faye advises seeking professional help.

She continued: “If you don’t know how to start, ask a professional or go to a personal trainer.

“Start going to one that suits your needs, take classes or PT sessions, or just for dietary advice.”

I hope you enjoyed learning all about Fayes tips and trips to help us find that well-need motivation when beginning a fitness journey.

The next step for me now is putting this great advice to good use!

Until next week,


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